Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Rules: Hunting, Sickness, Love

These are just the draft of the rules - I'll post the official rules closer to the game.


There will be an equal number of people and supplies on each wagon. Each person will have a Disaster card, and the adults will each have a Hunting card. At the end of every day (10 minute period), the wagons will circle around a campfire, and each group will decide which card to open that night. Open a Hunting card to get food, or open a Disaster card to get it out of the way. Every card will be opened - it's up to you to decide the order.

A sick person is able to travel with a wagon, but they are unable to open any Hunting cards or earn any achievements (their progress towards an achievement has not been lost, however, and they may be the recipient of an act of kindness while sick, but it can not be the 3rd one). If by the third night after they grew sick they haven't been treated, they will die. If someone dies, their Disaster cards remain with their last wagon.

There wil be a doctor on each wagon. He or she will be able to heal someone who is sick, as long as they have enough medicine. Each wagon starts off with two doses. Medicine doses, like food and bullets, can be traded between wagons. Players can also switch between wagons, but there must be an equal number of people on each wagon.


Love Connection: If you perform three acts of kindness which are accepted as such by the person you are courting, you have made a Love Connection and you cannot make another until one of the people in the connection has died. Only one act of kindness may be performed per day. A love connection does not have to be announced - secret love connections also receive the reward. Reward: The Healing Power of Love = One dose of medicine, which can only be used on one of the two people in the Love Connection. There does not need to be a doctor, but both people must spend the night in that wagon for the sick to be healed.

Fording the River: At the end of the trail is a river you must ford in order to settle. People who are sick will either be blind-folded or silenced for this challenge, depending on their illness. A physical course will be set up in order for you to navigate. The team that finishes it first wins!

Rules & Regs

Huzzah! An Oregon Trail! Mini LARP!

Players: 8-10
Format: Mini LARP
Time: 3 hours
Costuming: Required. Think Wild West, pioneers, Little House on the Prarie, or Oklahoma.
Age: All ages welcome - as long as you can read!
Prior Experience Required: None, but you might enjoy it more if you've played the computer game
Description: Will Annie die of dysentery? Will David survive cholera? Who will bring down the biggest bison? Play Oregon Trail again - only this time you'll learn to really love - or hate - all of the people you're traveling with in a whole new way. Earn achievements for your wagon, open up Disaster cards, start family fueds, or go hunting!